Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ivo Pogorelich

Short post, but I just want to introduce you guys to this amazing pianist if you haven't yet heard of him.

He's called Ivo Pogorelich, a Croatian pianist, known for his eccentricity and fabulous style haha

Actually, he's known for being eliminated from the 3rd round of the International Chopin Piano Competition in 1980, because the boring judges thought his style and behaviour on stage was inappropriate. I mean I seriously laughed at the last bit, guess they couldn't handle his fabulous self. Well at least Martha Argerich acknowledged that he's a genius and left the jury in protest. If I was her I would have done the same tbh.

He's definitely a genius, and his playing, I can't describe it, just go listen to these:

At the end the bitch face he gave the audience!!! omg this man is perfect

lol the way he entered XD I just don't feel the nerves when I hear him play, even though this is an international competition

hair flick at the end :D

but in all seriousness, he is a really good pianist. I especially like his Bach

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

stress relief piano music

It's 7 days before my exams start so I've been trying to study intensively. Still got loads of work to do, mostly practice, and everytime I look at my practise papers just reminds me of the stress times I had during my A Levels. I did further maths, so that means literally hundreds of practise papers to be done. I was completely dying and not coping at that point, but now in uni I don't want to repeat that sort of hopeless feeling, so I made a piano playlist on my ipad and listen to whenever I feel like crying lol.
There are two songs that I particularly like, both new age, I thought I'd share it here:

Reflection I - Song Kwang Sik

Eversince - Yiruma

Good luck revising everyone, it's not too close until the end! I've already planned what I'm gonna do everyday for 2 weeks after the exams lol Orion string quartet is coming to London adfsasdfdsjhfsdhf;ashdfashdfahdfasdf;akshfksadhf

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Outfit post! See through clothes, Leggings and Japanese brands

Hey guys I'm back with another picture heavy outfit post! Nothing unusual, just what I've been wearing lately :)

So this was what I was wearing when I decided to stroll into Topshop a week ago~
Shirt: Beyond Retro
Vest: The Rag Factory fair
Shorts: New Look
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Beyond Retro

 I picked up this black see-through dress to try on. The material's so difficult to work with, it has no waist tailoring at all, and even if you put a belt around it, it's so plastic and wiry that it just looks like this:
So basically it makes you look 2 sizes bigger D: other than that I absolutely loved it <3
It kinda reminded me of something I saw on Weibo:
even though the white one she's wearing is so much cuter <3
for obvious reasons I didn't get it in the end because the waist area was such an awkward shape :/

the skirt bit was quite pretty though 

errr, it took me ages to decide whether I should flash my underwear here, but it's fashion so it's okay hehe :) but I had to hide my face because i'm a good Asian girl :D 
and sorry i have weird body proportions
this see through lilac vest was so delishh, I didn't buy it because at that time I thought it was too see-through.. and really quite tight around the waist, but now I'm thinking it might look good with like a dark bodysuit underneath :( plus it was on sale too... sighhh
pretty shimmery material! 

Actually quite a lot of see through things have caught my eye recently, like skirts, dresses, tops etc~

really pretty right? 
I actually just bought a see through black maxi skirt with opaque black shorts underneath, a bit like this:

but the chiffon material is a lot more see-through. It was so cheap, like £4 I think. Will wear it when the damn London weather gets hotter and take pictures then! To be honest I don't even know how to wear it right now. Some friends tell me to were it with my Jeffrey Campbell Litas and others tell me with converses.. :S

Anyways, on Topshop day I also went into UNIQLO to find nothing special but I did see Kuroki Meisa on the wall so I took a picture :)

damn you Akanishi Jin, I thought I was gonna get married to her

And popped into H&M... guess what I saw???????

my pretty chinese baby Luhan sporting it *wink wink*

Several days ago I also purchased 2 pairs of leggings online, in velvet and a nice skull print~ pics below!

Please excuse my pigsty of a room! It's my uni dorm room :)

I got these wine red leggings on ebay. My obsession with velvet things has been going wild recently, I have a lot of things in velvet, just not leggings! So I got these, after debating whether I should get navy/royal blue or wine red for months.. Now I sorta want dark purple ones too.. D:

urgh, i just want hips

they're a really weird nice colour!!!

And does this galaxy x skull pattern look familiar? Seen it before somewhere?? *wink wink*

lol it's the kitty me again


I wanted wavy hair but it came out curly D:

Well it's kungfu panda Tao baby~~ <3

Tao is MY baby, no touchy

I didn't know what brand it was until I checked the label and it said 'Virgin Blak'
It was £10 on ebay, a bit expensive but I'm a fangirl I loved the design! (Actually, I do like the design :D)
Here's their website:
They have some okay prints I guess!

Also pretty recently, I've been getting really hyped up about several weird DIY Japanese brands, one of which I thought I'd mention here~ It's very very very Osakan, mori and overall adorbs~

Ahcahcum-Muchacha あちゃちゅむ←→ムチャチャ

I don't know why they spelled it 'ahcahcum' when the Japanese says 'achachum' but oh well :)

The admins update this site pretty regularly, and seriously, check it out. Everything in the site is pretty weird in a good way.. It's like a vintage/played down version of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

It is largely influenced by domestic cats..
I think when I become an old spinster with 60 cats I'll definitely buy the whole shop :)
Oh and live in this house which I found in the Cotwolds:


Anyways, I discovered this brand on Weibo when I saw someone with the cutest cat bag ever, and had to do some intense research to find out where it was from. No sign of any acknowledgement from the West though, even though the whole of East Asia seems to know this brand.

this girl, omg she's all over the internet! i think she goes by the name yuri41, but not too sure

The bag's not on the website anymore, but apparently some still sell it on I searched for agggeeessss, I even went on their official facebook and asked them in Japanese, but noopppee no reply or any idea how I can get my hands on them unless I go to Japan this summer and stalk this shit down

anyways, long ass post, gotta go sleep work! ciao readers xx