Monday, 26 March 2012

Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 in E Minor, Opus. 11 - 2nd Movement, Romance Larghetto

I'm been listening to this track non stop for almost the entire day~ Chopin writes the most beautiful piano melodies!

Added some pictures below to accompany the music~

At 1:56, most romantic melody probably ever written <3

Saturday, 24 March 2012

KTZ - dress + shorts

On the 20th, I went to KTZ and purchased 3 items, a dress, a pair of leggings and a pair of shorts.

Strangely enough, I can't find any of them on the internet.. I guess it's because they're not your typical KTZ designs; the ones I chose has quite toned-down patterns (pics later).

I've heard about KTZ around last year I think, whilst I was browsing through London Fashion Week's designer lineup. I guess it was the huge Jeremy Scott obsession (with thanks to Kpop) that I began to notice that sort of style. But at that time, even though I found it interesting, I much preferred a classy, clean-cut look (browns, whites, blacks), so I ditched KTZ+associated styles to the back of my mind and it's been latent ever since... until I went to Japan. 

When I was in Japan, I read an article on KTZ and Kpop, which made me aware that a lot of Kpop artists actually wear the label. Since my knowledge of KTZ's collections were practically non-existent, I had viewed these Kpop music videos without realising that it was in fact KTZ. For example I had long had an interest in 2NE1's fashion sense (mind you though their debut outfits were NOTHING compared to what they wear now, in 'Scream', for example), but never really followed their fashion after the Jeremy Scott craze. After visiting Osaka's 'wild' fashion district, KTZ was definitely fresh in my mind (even though at that time I still didn't want to try wearing it oddly enough.. I was more into that young Oshare-kei look). 

When I came back to the UK, the girly, frilly gyaru look kept with me for several months, before I ditched it all for a simple, practical look (thanks to American Apparel and the such). Throughout winter it's always been grays and browns, but now the sun's out and the weather's warming up so I dug out all my purchases from Japan and started brightening up things When I heard about KTZ it again on facebook (and watched 2NE1's Scream MV XD) , I actually went in store to see what I could fish up.

Got these fantastic pieces, definitely my style, very toned down with dim patterns. 

It's like a boy's beach pants, but more sophisticated, better tailored, better shaped and uses a better fabric! Love them~


The creepers/boots/tings I'm wearing in the above pictures, they look like Japanese tabi shoes but are in fact platformed! Got them from Beyond Retro :) They're quite dusty and old, but omg sooooo freaking comfortable and that's enough for me!

Was thinking of studding them, doing some DIY and polishing it to make it less old looking and more individualistic. I have time on my hands now (I love you 5 weeks Easter holidays mwaa)~

So yeah! I've been vain enough in this post..
I still need to wear those leggings out and take some pics.. They're basically this design but in leggings form:

ciao! xx

BIRTHDAY POST!! (food + creepers + Summer Camp)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (21st March 2012)
I'm 19 :)

The weeks coming up to this day I've been extremely busy meeting deadlines (which nearly killed me), so I actually didn't plan to so ANYTHING on the day..


my beautiful friend Kimberly Chai decided to go back to Shanghai a day late JUST to hang out with me on my birthday, which I thought was so so sweet of her. I was going to pay for everything we did on the day but instead, she came over and bought me amazinggg Vietnamese food, muffins, a baguette, and at the end of the day paid for my Italian carbonara pasta.



nom nom nom


enjoying the sun..

she's now in Shanghai until the end of the hols so I feel pretty sad and ronery...

I was reading Suzie Bubble's blog post from a few years back about some good boutiques/shops in London (the unknown ones), and found some hidden in the backstreets of Oxford Circus/Regent Street (no, not Carnaby Street), so we went on a hunt there.

Unfortunately, we were perving over Chloe handbags, Alexander Wang T label and Simone Rocha shoes (omg, post about them later) that we left too late to do a proper exploration, so we just ended up going to Urban Outfitters to look at shoes..

If you're a Londoner you will know that Urban Outfitters are pretty up to date with the current trends IN SHOES (I'm not so much a fan of their clothes, but their shoes and bags I definitely am!) Back in the months when Jeffery Campbell was still the IT of the season, the Lita and Tardy were both on sale. Now, it's time for creepers, platformed converses to be dominating the shelves.

I saw just about every type of creepers/flatforms ever. Even tried on the highest looking one. Would have bought it, but the sole was so heavy that I didn't think it was worth it's price (they looked AMAZINGGGG though I would have got them if I didn't know that second hand/vintage shops also exist and you can get a bargain there).

In the end, just before my soul gave up wandering around for a good meal at Va Piano, we popped into Beyond Retro (Kimberly's never been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to see if we could fish something. Luckily for me I found a pair of amazing flatforms IN MY SIZE! it's like boots, but the leg part are leather socks. They're ultra comfy and so much lighter than the ones at UO. £22 sounded alright to be on my birthday so I got them XD They're a bit dusty and old fashioned, but I still love them :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures! Because I'll be using some of them for my next post :)

Top: China (can't remember which shop..)
Jacket: Uniqlo
Shorts: KTZ
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Underground)
Bag: Paul's Boutique

these babies look different from every angle haha, in this picture they look like a pair of Tabi shoes (足袋) lololol

After a wonderful dinner and tearful parting with Kimberly, I made my way to King's Cross Scala to enjoy a night of live music by Summer Camp. They are the most amazing duo ever.. such gorgeous voices..



OMG i just remembered! During 'Losing My Mind', they played the acoustic version of the song, whilst walking amongst the audience singing 'you don't love me like you used to' to random people. They stood on different sides of the auditorium, singing to each other about how they don't-love-each-other-anymore, which I thought was really clever. It's a bit like that romcom concept of finding your loved one in a busy place, and when you finally find each other you stand there looking at each other from afar (lol what?) A bit like this if you don't understand what I mean:
Liz grabbed onto a man which stunned everyone, but luckily he knew the lyrics to the song and actually sung it in tune to ease the embarrassment and earned him a round of applause and cheers from us (that was a cute moment XD).



Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Japanese Rufus Wainwright?

Song: ポルックス大あくび (Porukkusu Ooabuki/Pollux Big Yawn)
Artist: タニザワトモフミ (Tanizawa Tomofumi)
Video: by me!!

doesn't it remind you of Rufus Wainwright a lot?
singing starts at 1:30 :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I got a 'hipster' shirt during the Xmas sales
Me as a hipster, lol so ironic..

And my outfit shot a few days ago!
Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Beyond Retro
Leggings: Kera (Osaka, Japan)