Saturday, 25 May 2013

2013 End of May MUSIC UPDATES!

Warning: lots of music ahead!

I still have 4 exams to go so I have no idea why I'm blogging right now... I guess I've been suffocating in this black hole of revision for months and now that I have 2 out of the way, I feel like I can finally take a breather (also because I'm sick to death of revision)..

The biggest highlight of April and May has got to be seeing Shugo Tokumaru live. I remember when I missed him in 2011 so hoped that he'd come in 2012 but no sign whatsoever... I was actually at Li Yundi's concert in London when I found out that Shugo will be performing live and when I came back I ordered the tickets immediately. 

I think amazing is a total understatement, more like it's probably the best gig I've ever attended, and I've been to a few. The sound he made was so raw, there were no psychedelic runs or synthesisers or whatever to drown out his vocals and guitar playing. He's known for music with wild clashes and layering, but still it sounded like it was carefully planned to the last chord. Shugo was also accompanied by an excellent drum player (who was having a lot of fun hehe) and an awesome instrumentalist girl. She literally had a tableful of all types of percussion instruments and non-instruments alike, including whistles, birdcall things, shakers, you name it. At one point she was playing the accordion, blowing into a piccolo like thing AND playing the xylophone at the same time. It was apparent that the audience was also intrigued by her judging by the number of iphones pointing her way. 

Here's Linne (my favourite song by Shugo)

Some more music updates, I wrote an original beat if you would like to check it out, kindly know that I spent 2 hours on this since I was on a revision schedule and had to get this riff down before I forgot it.

I'm actually dying to finish a CocoRosie cover which I started months back but can't do anything about it because I won't be free until 14th June. Hopefully in the last days I'm in London I will finish it as a celebratory 'gift' for myself and my followers :)

So recently I've been listening to some new bands BUT since it's exam season I need it to be as stress free as possible so most of the time I'm been living in my comfort zone, ie eating things I know I like and listening to old favs. Of course this includes the brilliant Glen Check. I mean just check out this song '84, it's CRAZY. I can't believe I hadn't heard this before (thanks to's blog for letting me know :))

I mean if there was a competition called song-with-the-awesomest-intro-ever this would definitely win it. Also I found out that they use an APC40 to make these sick beats (but no idea where the samples are from adsjkfhsljkhsa).. I'm going to be in Seoul this summer and since Glen Check have informed us that they are in Seoul working on their new album I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they will drop some sort of EP or anything when I'm there so I can buy it when I'm there OR EVEN BETTER see them live.

I made a 12 hour long set, my own Summer Playlist for 2013 (my essentials) and am here to share it with you :)


It includes a lot of my favourites and also a lot of new tracks I've discovered and am currently loving.

Unfortunately SoundCloud didn't have a few of the tracks I wanted to include, so I'll put some of them here:

That's it for now! I need to go revise algebra&number theory for my exam on the 30th! Please enjoy my summer album :) xx