Welcome to my blog!

Name: Jing (静, means 'serenity')

Nationality: Born in China, raised in the rural suburbs, came to London aged 7.

Degree at uni: Mathematics. Field of interest: Number Theory. For those of you interested in the Riemann Hypothesis (zeta function, Cramer's conjecture etc), please feel free to PM me to discuss topics of your interest :)

Main interests: Classical music. Current favourite composer is Brahms Sibelius, but I also have an undying love for Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bruch, Rachmaninoff, Sarasate and Debussy. Used to hate Chopin, but am learning to appreciate him more and more. Favourite orchestras are the Vienna Philharmonic and Brussels Philharmonic, favourite string quartet ever is the Orion Quartet from the US.

Other musical interests: Some other genres of music, mainly indie rock/pop/folk, dream/synth/garage/baroque/surf pop, new age, minimalism, chillwave, trip hop, jazz hop, old skool, alternative, electronic, brit rock, neo psychedelia, psyche folk, new wave, lo-fi, and of course kpop. Favourite musicians are countless, but Nujabes is up there amongst the divinity. Also hugely influenced by fashion movements, but this is not a fashion blog. I also remix, do covers and compose in my spare time (not so much acoustic as I don't play guitar. I'm very inspired by Steve Reich's composition techniques).

Random things I like doing: Singing all day everyday (ask my flatmates :P). I'm part of an Acapella group so rearranging songs I love into Acapella versions is one thing I'm addicted too. I arrange a lot and collab with beat makers. Composing is more difficult but more exhilarating. I like shopping in weird places, taking longggg walks in the city whilst listening to new age or indie. Reading blogs of thinkers. Living in my uni library, even though I prefer studying in cafes more. Going on all sorts of obscure websites to learn of fashion trends. I like reading non-fiction and enjoy going to poetry recitals. I love how in London there are societies for just about anything you are interested in, and you can always meet new people who love what you love. I enjoy those times when I am out and about by myself, going to places randomly and making a day out of that. Other times I prefer to just stay at home and listen/make music, read tonnes of useless stuff online and offline. I like to wind down at the end of the day with cup of tea and a good film.

  • I don't eat pizza
  • I'm a violinist
  • Ideas attract me more than visuals
  • I have a thing for anyone who can play instruments
  • My future pet dog will be called Pierre
  • I like French names
  • I like tanned skin
  • I hate wearing dresses
  • I wish I lived in the 80s
  • Work hard and be kind. That is all.

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