Thursday, 28 July 2011

~London's Levitating Girl~ [inspired by Hayashi Natsumi] PART ONE

I suddenly had this idea when I was trying out my camera's shutter speeds~

I read about Hayashi Natsumi's concept a long time ago (and personally think it's miles more interesting than the planking poses...)

Therefore I decided to try my own~~~~ this is my first attempt, so mainly consists of plank jumps and Egyptian walking pose jumps~

I'm going to go out this Friday and ask my another two friends to help me do some proper levitating~ we're doing an English dress-up concept, so I have some Mary Poppins poses in mind ;D

If you are interested in the real works, please check out Hayashi Natsumi's Blog!

Lots of thanks to my two beautiful models for the day, Jasmin and Devina! <3

Friday, 22 July 2011

sunny day at southend beach.

On Tuesday, my friend Haz and I went to Southend-on-Sea (east of London) for his studio photoshoot there. It was definitely a glorious day~ As soon as I stepped out of the station I knew that I had made the right choice to come down south instead of staying in London for the forecasted downpour~
The beach was fantastic~! It was a pebble stone one, but unlike Brighton it was more picturesque and clearly less man-made~ that sort of beach where it doesn't need colourful beach huts to make its natural beauty shine through. Sure it had a fun fair, but it was fairly small and once you stepped onto the real part of the beach it felt pretty endless and very naturally kept, without industrial works lining the sea.

After the photoshoot in the studio, the sun was at it's hottest so we hyped and hopped around (literally) like lunatics, catching the attention (hopefully not negative) of the many pensioners sitting on benches also enjoying the sun. What also made it fun(ny) was how foreign we looked in this as-british-as-you-can-get town~ Us two being asian and half-asian, me wearing a French maxi skirt and Haz with his blonde hair, we certainly looked and FELT foreign. It's a weird feeling really~~ we are pretty much normal in central London...

Needless to say we camwhored like mad, sat on the stones for ages picking shells, and took good notice of a few American palm trees bordering the pavement. Of course icecream was a must, but meeting Winston (the cat, see below) on the way home was definitely an unexpected treat~~ in fact I'm sure we spent around half the time there tickling this cat and observing his acrobatical stretches.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

welcome to my story.

after a long hiatus from any form of personal blogging, i've decided to come back ^^

i actually have another blog, back in the days, but i wanted to turn to a new page in life and leave that blog to be an exciting chapter.

nowadays, the people around me who have crazed and lived it all with me over the past couple of years are gradually changing~ i'm changing, day by day~ it's a like a sudden revolution that happened naturally of all of us becoming more active in actually achieving the goals we have set ourselves a long time ago. be it work, experience, education or life in general, we are now searching for our most wanted things. it's like a little explosion~ us who were bundled so firmly together have exploded in all different directions, that are currently bound by the walls of London and the UK, but certainly all over the world in years to come.

of course i have my own plans in life, which i think is too premature now to grasp and picture fully. university life is about to start, and i will treat it as a step to achieving my ultimate goal in life.

i want this blog to be, almost diary like, but not too what-i-did-today based. i want this blog to follow what I feel, what I do, what I randomly think of and experiment.

of course, it will include a lot of honesty; highlights of the bad and good, quite differently from how I do it in the past.

so, here's my story, chapter 1.