Thursday, 26 April 2012

Outfit post + Puffy 3 Tone Brown Circle Lenses (load of selcas lolol)

I'm back for another outfit post!!

Technically I should be revising, but I looked at my camera today and saw that I took these shots probably last week (still during the hols), so I thought I'd post these today because I've got another set of outfit shots to do which includes 3 different looks!

This is basically what I wore on a random day a week ago. I like how my tights go with my shoes, but don't know about the blue shirt under the jacket... Nonetheless I tried wearing these blue glasses, and I really liked how they looked with all the blue items! Need to wear them more :)

My camera wasn't in focus for ALL of them D:

Jacket: East End Thrift Store
Blue shirt: American Apparel
T shirt: Miyavi London gig
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Beyond Retro
Glasses: Camden

my cat self is back! need to give it a name...

I have pudding head already, so I bought a new hairdye...
I love using foam hair dyes, only because the colour is a bit more washed out.
This one's called 'Champagne Pink' from Freshlight, I heard it turns your hair an ashy pink brown, which sounds amazing (I don't want pink hair, I want a pink undertone. In Japan they call it ピンク系).

My hair won't actually turn this light, because it's not bleached to begin with. It'll be much darker and browner, but just a little bit ashier :)

Next, onto my newish circle lenses! I got these Puffy 3 Tone Browns from Honeycolor absolutely ages ago (before I started uni I think, so that's a longgggg time already!) but I rarely wear it because they're legit circle lenses: they do a LOT of enlarging. I normally wear 14mm ones which is only a little bit bigger than my normal iris, so it looks completely natural in size. These ones are 14.5mm which is HUGE because for me. I bought them because I know they are known for their opaque colour (ie, the colour shows up really well on dark eyes), but I've only worn it to dress-up parties and clubs. But recently I wore it out for the first time and it didn't feel that bad. They definitely do feel thicker and bigger, so I'm still not sure whether I'd wear them on an everyday basis... 

But here is what they look like! Excuse the selcas. I haven't taken some in ages and I went a bit overboard LOL

So as you can see they're a greenish, hazel-y brown colour with an orange inner rim. There's a very thin limbo ring on the outer rim but to me it looks completely normal compared to normal black limbo rings. I wouldn't say they look natural because they make my eyes look MASSIVE and quite alien like. It actually scared me a bit because I know my eyes are a lot smaller in real life haha. I love how they look in the greyscales because they're so light!

I also ordered 2 new pairs because Honeycolor did a promo since I always buy from them XD
I ordered the Neo Queen Browns and Beaucon Shimmer Greys. They look like this:

Neo Queen Browns

I think these look a lot more subtle. They're a bit more hazel-y than the Neo Glamour Browns, and has green undertones, which I like. I have the Neo Glamour Greys, which dramatically changes my eye colour to an icy grey, but in a natural way lol. The limbo ring is sort of broken up and very thin. They're a lot more honey coloured than my current everyday pair: the Geo Tricolor Browns, which is 14mm. Neo Queen Browns are 14.2mm, so it should be a bit enlarging but not as weird as the Puffy 3 Tones above. I'm really looking forward to them!

Beaucon Shimmer Greys

To me, they're basically exactly the same as the Geo Tricolor Greys, which was my everyday pair before the Geo Tricolor Browns. Except for the fact that there is that greenish inner bit again (I like greenish eyes haha). I wanted to get a grey pair because my Geos were already like 2 years old and I hadn't worn them for around a year so they've definitely soaked up all the minerals from sitting in the same eye solution for so long. I wanted to get ones which are a lot more subtle than my Neo Glamour Greys, which are not only grey but ICY grey. I've NEVER tried Beaucon before so I'm both excited and nervous! I hope they're not too thick and uncomfortable... Before I got the Freshlook Hazels, which are the most GORGEOUS colour but so uncomfortable because the outer ring with so wide D:

So today's post is done!!! I've got another outfit post to do as I mentioned.... Maybe I'll do them later or tomorrow or something! Gotta do more maths now :D xxx

11 Questions Tag

I was going to do this on Tuesday but it was late so I slept and I had so much revision to do on Wednesday BUT

Here I am with the 11 Questions Tag! 
1) Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer
3) Chose eleven people and link them in your tag
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) No tag backs
6) You legitimately have to tag
Okay so 11 things about myself :)

1)  I love maths. It makes me really happy inside when I do it or think about it. I get excited when I talk about maths and forget that others are probably not listening/falling asleep. My favourite fields are analysis and number theory. I always dream of being able to prove the Riemann Hypothesis but I don't think I'll ever be smart enough/have the perseverance to do that. I really hope the thing gets proven when I'm still alive.

2) I love classical music. It's been the only genre that has legitly made me cry. Everything in composition nowadays is based on what people discovered the practised back then. So everyone should appreciate classical music a bit more.

3) I love talking and listening to intellectual people/ people with their own ways of thinking. It's an easy way to gain more knowledge on things I've never even heard about before. I'm lazy and don't often read news articles because most of the time it's about the economy and I study economics so I think there's enough articles I have to read already lol so I really like it when people find me a suitable audience to hold an intellectual conversation with.

4) I dislike being around people who are paranoid about every little problem, has to make judgments about EVERYTHING. Life has its good and bad, learn to live with it.

5) I dislike the idea of pride. Pride in your work, pride in your looks, pride in your country, pride in your race, pride in your status, self pride. I really dislike all of these. People with pride can never reach their maximum potential. I think it's probably the only thing that leads to failure. I believe in equality, not just conventionally, but the belief that even though we may do thing our own ways, ultimately we all have the same dreams, same hopes, and same dimensions of life.

6) I like wearing baggy clothes. I don't own one piece of clothing in my life that's my actual size. Except for my leggings and tights, which are probably the only tight things I ever wear.

7) The main bad trait I have is lateness. I only turn up on time to lessons because I know I'll get punished if I don't. But I'm always late to everything and it has caused some bad impressions *oops*.

8) I can normally handle anything other people say to me, but the only thing that gets to me when people say that I'm not trying hard enough. Most of the time it's because it's true D:

9) I'm an atheist, because what humans can see and feel is not God, but the tragedy in the form of wars, suicide, prejudice, violence and abuse that 'God' has created.

10) I love discovering new music. I love the feeling of knowing that there are new songs on my ipod that I can take with me anywhere.

11) In my lifetime, I want to compose a violin sonata with piano and watch someone else play it at a recital/concert somewhere.

Okay time for Georgia's questions!

1: Of any languages you know, which word do you like the sound of the most?
Omg so many! Right now I like the Korean word 'Beolpan' 벌판 which means 'field/meadow' lol

2: If you could have just one non-electronic possession for entertainment for the rest of your life what would it be?
A violin or piano.

3: Are you ticklish? If so where and how do you react to tickling?
YES. Armpits, knees, neck, back. I spazz out and knock into things/hit the person tickling me.

4: Which website do you frequent the most?
Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, my favourite blogs.

5: Define happiness in 3 words.
Love, knowledge, hope.

6: Have you been in love?

7: Is there a time of day you most like to wake up at? If so when?
I would WANT to wake up at 8am everyday, but never can.

8: List 4 traits you find very attractive in people.
Confident but respectful
Caring and friendly
Is knowledgeable/intelligent but humble
Has their own taste in fashion
I also have a thing for people who can play instruments BD

9: Do you like fizzy/sour things?
No, except sherbet.

10: Do you want to be a parent someday?
Don't know. But if I'm going to be one I'll make sure that my career path has time for my children, I can financially fund my children to a good education/living facilities, and they they live in a loving environment with a loving father. Right now I feel like I'm probably never going to have my own children. I even thought about adoption.

11: Name a food or drink you really dislike.
Pizza. Aubergines. Tomato soup. Aniseed. Fizzy water. Animal heads. Animal feet.

Okay I spent WAY too much time on that. Need to go work.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Current favourite Youtuber: 1anda2eanda

This person is currently on my list of favourite people on Youtube. click link below to view and subscribe!


From what I know, he is extremely knowledgeable in the History of Art, Chemistry and Latin. He does a regular program on Youtube called 'Painting of the Week' where he talks about paintings in depth and their historical backgrounds. This guy also has an extraordinary verbal talent when improvising his explanations and delivers them flawlessly. From what I can see, the channel is virtually unknown, and it depresses me to see that even a regular Youtuber like me has more subscribers than he does.

But if you have time, please check out his videos, they are really very insightful. Here are 3 of my favourites:

Death of the Socrates:

The Last Supper

Bar at the Folies-Bergère

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tumblr: display of the modern fashion era, or mere fad?

Warning: post may be narrow-minded.
2012, the year of Tumblr.

Of course Tumblr is used also as a social networking platform, but I see it as more of a 'lookbook' like website where individuals share their fashion styles and flaunt the good things in their lives etc. When I first joined the community, I treated it a tool for building up an archive of artistic photography, an upgrade to deviant art and myspace combined. In the end it turned out to be pretty much a reblogging experience of thinspo girls in rad clothes and makeup posing in weird 'oh-im-so-dope-and-thin' positions. Of course a lot of the times I'm indeed intrigued by the artistic quality of what Tumblr users upload, like its gifs and landscape images, but most of the time it's the human photography that gets the most views and attention.

Right now, I still believe and hope that Tumblr will remain to be a sort of lifestyle/fashion blog where people show their individualism in their pictures and posts. However recently after extensively exploring the ever so popular site I began to have some doubts.

Taking a VERY stereotypical stance, the average girl from Tumblr is roughly below legal age, wears vintage/boutique brands, follows the 'hipster' culture, wears unconventional makeup such as black lipsticks and blush under their eyes, dyes their hair into pastel pinks, lilacs, blues and greens (etc), reblogs explicit material about love, sex and drugs but probably never even had sex or taken drugs, pretends to be weird most of the time and write in a tone that is different to how they would normally speak. The average Tumblr guy also goes for the 'hipster' style, are upgrades from 'emos' from the 90s, scrunches their hair to their foreheads, wears skinny chinos, supreme/obey caps, large sweaters, has mose piercings and tattoos, and girlfriends that are the girls I just described. They often either play the guitar, or skateboard.

And I say the word 'average' for a frustrating reason. There was never a clear reason why the hipster culture became so big and how young people became so obsessed with vintage/independent things, yet all these Tumblr users appear to be fully fledged, going for generically the same look and style. So I think it's obviously unnatural and man-made: people were made to accept and embrace the culture because everyone else is doing it.

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with this and personally I think young people taking more notice of their personal styles is a very good thing. Also, a lot of people on Tumblr really do know how to wear their stuff and most importantly they do it with confidence. But my problem with this is how people are too overconfident to the point that they believe independence is something they can flaunt. They begin to take their freedom of speech, dress, whatever for granted and act based purely on their emotions. You often find people saying how they 'don't give a fuck', how they 'only live once' or how they want to live for the moment in the way that they want to without any consideration for others. What I think is dangerous about this is that originally not everyone started off wanting to rebel and be different, but sites like Tumblr are making them think that this is the way forward, in other words Tumblr is almost promoting egoism and narcissism. 'This is the way I am, haters gotta hate' is a concept that is all too familiar.

There are so many signs visible through Tumblr media of how people have 'too much fun'. I don't want to sound like a grandmother, but it's true. People live to make themselves look good, with no consideration for any others. For example people would take these coloured gas tubes and spray them across woodlands. They set fire to things, pose in front of dead animals, have radical opinions of everything and says 'fuck you' to everything. They want and desire everything, complains about everything and wants to break out of the system. These people live having no respect and thought for the environment, other people that care about them or are affected by their behaviour, and no priority other than themselves. To me, these people are pathetic, because they could have originally been unique individuals with smart ideas and untainted intelligence, but instead they give themselves up to the internet. It's not a fashion platform anymore, but a factory for the mass production of single-minded beings with no apparent interest in anything but how to look and act independent (or so what appear on the surface). They say 'fuck the system', but do they know what the system even is? Do they have any idea how much freedom they already have but take for granted? Somewhere in the world a person their age could be restricted from the internet and is living with no knowledge of fashion. They say 'I don't care', but what more can they not care about? There are people out there their age who have miles more responsibilities and worries, like how they can survive, afford to go to school, make their family united.

It's such a shame, because these people really ruin the name for the people who are truely passionate about fashion, are not wannabes and do care about the existence of other things as well as themselves. I often facepalm at how loads of people ask about why their lives are so depressing, when all they do is post pictures of themselves and expecting masses of anons to comment on it.

Everyone knows that individualism is a beautiful thing, so why does everyone still mindlessly copy each other? and worse, trying to become something that is unoriginal and that they can't relate to?

Human beings are such puzzling creatures.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Johannes Brahms

This post's going to be about classical music again.


Brahms is one of those composers that can be grouped in the fame category together with Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Chopin etc. AKA he's one of the big names in classical music. The 'three B's' is a common name for classical music lovers, and they're Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. So you know that if you're going to a concert to hear their music, you're in for a delightful treat. If I scan through a concert schedule, my eye would instinctively pause on his name and browse the repertoire that is to be played. In classical music things work the opposite way. Nowadays people go to gigs for the musician (whether or not the music is composed by them or not), but for classical music, concert goers select based on the composer(s) to be featured.

There are many detailed and insightful articles on Brahms on the internet, but I'm here to give my own personal opinions (what you do in a blog). For me, Brahms has it all. Master of harmony and rhythm, his skills in the use of counterpart is only second to Bach. While he goes crazy experimenting 'new' styles of the Classical Era technique in his own perfectionist way, he still makes sure the foundations of music are firmly locked into his works. His flawless use of development is just as accomplished as Beethoven and Mozart.

To many pianists and music critics, Brahms means power. So it seems but nowadays there are various theories about how Brahms himself would have interpreted his own music. I was made to believe that the technique of playing his works requires a lot of energy and heaviness, but true or not I have no idea. But I trust my opinion because the first ever Brahms piece I heard was of course his famous Violin Concerto and the power of the 3rd just blew me away with it's overflowing vigor.

Itzhak Perlman's version of the 3rd movement (my favourite)

Next up was listening to his First Symphony for the first time; the heaviness and broadness of the opening notes were almost suffocating. It was just like what Michael Stern called it, an 'epiphany' (though he was talking about a different piece.. I guess that word suits a lot of Brahms' pieces). He was also quite a bear of a man and words like 'monster' and 'beast' are often found in comments of youtube videos and articles about him.

The oboe part at 2:25, I wish I could play it *-*

However after I heard more pieces by him, I decided that he was probably not as aggressive as he seems, and concluded that he actually might have been an introvert. The type that had a very exciting inside character that he kept to himself. For example his 2nd Violin Sonata is definitely a lot more light and lyrical compared to his other well known works.

I had the honour of attending a concert which featured Brahms' Tragic Overture, and was lucky enough to sit in the gallery area right above the string section so I could clearly see the sheet music and bowing of the people directly below me. I hadn't heard it before, so the power it brought was beyond astounding to me. All the violinist played with a bow-breaking power which filled the hall with so much richness of sound I thought Brahms himself would have been pleased to hear it. Many players' bow hairs actually snapped int he process. I think this was the piece that made the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra (who was playing that night) to enter my top 3 orchestras list now.

The theme at 2:25 AND MY FAVOURITE BIT at 12:30 (must listen) is really what Brahms is about. It's him in his element

A couple of days ago I went to my local bookshop and found this treasure: the Vienna Philharmonic playing Brahms' 1st Symphony AND the Tragic Overture. And it was discounted to £2.99 so I bought it without hesitation. The Vienna Philharmonic is currently my favourite orchestra (though this may change), which I had decided after listening to a few of their recordings. Their skill is in my eyes second to none, and the sweetness of their sound is so overwhelming that every time a piece is played it's almost perfectly delivered. Not to mention that the orchestra owns 5 Stradivarius instruments, which if you have heard live will know of its subtle distinction from all the other makes. An interesting thing though is that some of my favourite and most renowned violinists of our age and all time, like Itzhak Perlman, Gil Shaham, Maxim Vengerov, Eugene Ysaye, Niccolo Paganini, Anne Akiko Meyers, Janine Jansen, Joshua Bell, Yehudi Menuhin, Kyung-wha Chung, Leonidas Kavakos, Fritz Kreisler, Frank Zimmerman, Jascha Heifetz, Akiko Suwanai, Julia Fischer, Midori Goto, Nicola Benedetti, all use Stradivarius violins. I've heard a couple of these soloists lives, and each of them I remember very clearly, down to the notes I particular enjoyed, because the sound of the violins were so unique and hard to forget. Of course the players' world class techniques play a huge part in their sound, but I think their Strads have definitely enhanced their playing which other instruments would not have been able to do. (The bookshop actually has a good collection of CDs that put together a lot of my favourite pieces, for example there was one with all of Bach's 6 violin sonatas, another with Beethoven's 4th and 7th symphonies (my favourite out of the 9.. actually I have 3 favourites: the 4th, 7th and 9th :D), and one with Stravinsky's Petrushka and Ravel's 1st Piano Concerto on one disk, which I very nearly bought if I had liked the orchestra playing it, which I didn't haha.

Listen to them here if you're interested.. Stravinsky and Ravel are 2 of my favourite composers who write that weird, modal/atonal music:


Ravel's 1st Piano Concerto
Listen to it whilst watching the clip from 'The Snowman' below this video in mute. It fits so well!! The theme starts at EXACTLY the same time the snowmen play the flutes!!

Currently, London's Kings Place is doing a programme full of Brahms' works called 'Brahms Unwrapped'.  I only recently found out about it, so I've missed out on a lot already, but I didn't know MY FAVOURITE STRING QUARTET OF ALL TIME the Orion Quartet is coming to take part in the programme!! (I already knew from last year that they were coming this June though, because I actually wrote to them and they replied back thanking me and telling me that they would come to London in 2012 XDDDDDDD) But at that time I didn't know what they were playing. When I saw their name in the brochure, I actually said in my head let it be Beethoven or Brahms, and voila DREAM COME TRUE!! I'll probably go for all three nights because they play a different repertoire each night. Am considering whether to bring a fan sign or not (lol joke) because my love for them is like, unexplainable <3 Plus my exams finish on the 29th May and that's their first night out of the 3!!! It would be the BEST end of exams/start of summer treat for me <3

Does time, environment and occasion affect our perceptions of beauty? On the corrosion of beauty and how to avoid it

"Every year of my life I grow more convinced that it is wisest and best to fix our attention on the beautiful and the good, and dwell as little as possible on the evil and the false." - Richard Cecil

I'm talking about beauty as in beauty of the world. Typically art, music, nature, or doing things we enjoy, things that us humans have always considered to be beautiful regardless of different tastes.

Recently I bought a Chinese book made up of 1-2 page short very philosophical, mind-opening articles, which I'm loving right now because it's teaching me a lot. I thought I would translate a few of them regularly from now on to pass on the good knowledge. There are a lot of interesting issue it covers, but today I want to focus on this question:

'Does time, environment and circumstance affect our perceptions of beauty?'

You might be sitting here reading this and thinking: of course not. I'm a great admirer of music/art/photography/fashion/etc and time and place does not matter. If I like this designer/artist/musician I will like them no matter what.

But is that really true? Will we always find certain things beautiful/enjoyable? How is it that some people can see beauty around them all the time while others can't?

One day you may be listening to a song that you find beautiful, and another day you might listen to it again and find it really annoying. You might find a book very interesting to read, but when you find out it's by a writer you dislike you automatically disregard it. In fact all these things: time, environment and occasion, they provide us with more knowledge of things we originally liked, eg how others think of them, whether there are better things than them, whether it's embarrassing to like them based on your character etc. Our perception of beauty changes depending on a lot of things around us, and sometimes it may be a very damaging thing. We may think we have a lot of things we think we love, but whether the passion for it is real or not, only time and place will tell.

Here I want to translate a short text from Chinese which is an insightful read:
"If you were looking at a portrait painting, and knew the person that was painted, you would judge it based on its similarity. 
If you were looking at a portrait painting, and did not know the person that was painted, you would judge it based on its beauty."
A fault with all of us is that with time, our interests for things fade, and it takes a lot of willpower, passion and inspiration for an interest to last a lifetime. The most obvious case is studying. You may love the course you're majoring in when you just start uni, but when you dive deeper into the subject, you find that it's not actually something you enjoy doing. When you come across such situations, you think too much and doubt yourself, eventually making yourself hate what you do.

Chinese philosophers in the past have widely studied this topic, and they have come up with what is actually a very simple solution that just needs a lot of practice. It comes from the Chinese proverb '难得糊涂' which translates directly to 'it's rare to be confused', or better known English as 'ignorance is a bliss'. If you did not think too much about what this thing you love now can become in the future, if you did not know the author of that book you liked, if you studied without thinking whether it'd be useful in the future, you might appreciate more things in life and just be a little happier. People who are always happy are the people who live for the present - they try to love everything they have now without thinking what could become of them. They focus on that fact that it brings them happiness NOW and they should value it because one day, it could be gone. People say that children are the only ones who do not judge things based on their functions, outcomes and what others think of them.

Here's another translation:
"A baby who's only a few months old can already listen to music, and hum tuneless melodies. An infant who just learnt to walk can already wave their hands and feet in the air and dance to the music.A child who just learnt to hold a pen can already colour in, drawing shapeless pictures.It's like people were born to be musicians, dancers and artists. But why is it that after they grow up, the majority of them won't sing, dance and draw heartily like in their childhoods?Because they learnt to become shy, afraid that they won't have good voices, graceful bodies and a talent for drawing.Because they became increasingly busy, so busy that they wouldn't have time to enjoy music, spare interests for dancing, nor spare time to draw.Years pass like this, they forget their god given talents, and also lose a lot of happiness."
Sometimes it is best to just take a step back and take time to focus on why you love what you do/have rather than think what you could be having instead of it. If you initially loved something, be proud of it and always look at how you continue to love it. 'You only live once' is an overused, but extremely true motto in life. If you live being ignorant to disappointment, you can lessen your burdens of expectations, and without heavy expectations your life could become less rigid and restricted. In your desperate attempts to better yourself/obtain things more beautiful, you might neglect the beautiful things you already have. There are potentially so much beauty in the world right in front of your eyes, that you might not have time to see. When one pauses to see the beauty around them, every hour of life is an enjoyment.

Sadly many people understand this concept but think it's too idealist and doesn't fit in with their busy lives. Because one thought a song sounded terrible one day they may stop listening to that band altogether, and miss out on all the other good songs they haven't heard. Because one was too busy hating on their workload of having to read a large selection of books for their homework, they forget that in fact these books are written by the best authors ever existed. If we all kept picking out the flaws and kept believing that there are things out there better than them, how will beauty ever transcend?

An interesting topic related to this is when the world class violinist Joshua Bell pretended to be an average busker at a metro station in the US. He played 6 pieces by Bach, on his 4 million Stradivarius violin, and out of 1000+ who walked past, only 7 people stopped by briefly to enjoy the music. He played the same repertoire at a concert the day before and received excellent reviews for it. But when the same beauty appears at a time when people's priorities are not to seek beauty in music, but rather to hurry up with their rigid working lives, the beauty is almost completely ignored. As the report of this incident says: 'If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing the best music ever written, how many other things are we missing?'

So it's time to sift out the bad and see the good in everything we love, regardless of their flaws. Everything in the world has flaws, but because they have flaws, they are beautiful. If we can solidify our interest and passions, create more time to seek beauty in our normal lives, maybe we can physically create transcendental, everlasting beauty that are all in fact, made of the things we already possess.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Simone Rocha SS12 + AW12 (picture heavy)

I should be studying, but I'm taking a light break to come here and gush over Simone Rocha and her latest collections.

I'm beginning to really love her unique techniques of layering and use of eccentric fabrics. I'm no guru in textiles, but to me she really knows what materials to use to create the best effects. Lots of sheer fabrics, English lace and a clever balance between femininity and masculinity.


Details: (all pictures from

I'd kill just to wear this once. It would be like standing in art. I wonder how long she spent to complete this piece... Reminds me of what the Little Mermaid would wear in the Russian film.


All pictures and videos above from Simone Rocha's official website:

These white shift(ish) pieces look like paper cutouts, so delicate and intricate. Kinda reminds me of Chris Natrop installations and works by Katy Horan:

Chris Natrop (all images from his official website:

Katy Horan (all images from her official website:

I wonder if she's ever been to the Lost in Lace exhibition!

Also, check out these wild shoes!! Heels but gives the illusion of tiptoeing on Oxford shoes. Plus she's embedded these cute hipster crosses on the leather. Want to own a pair (or any pair with glass/plastic heels) so badly... But these don't come cheap so at the moment I'll just keep dreaming about them..

This bag too!!!!!! Looks like something out of the V&A Museum

All pictures above from