Thursday, 28 July 2011

~London's Levitating Girl~ [inspired by Hayashi Natsumi] PART ONE

I suddenly had this idea when I was trying out my camera's shutter speeds~

I read about Hayashi Natsumi's concept a long time ago (and personally think it's miles more interesting than the planking poses...)

Therefore I decided to try my own~~~~ this is my first attempt, so mainly consists of plank jumps and Egyptian walking pose jumps~

I'm going to go out this Friday and ask my another two friends to help me do some proper levitating~ we're doing an English dress-up concept, so I have some Mary Poppins poses in mind ;D

If you are interested in the real works, please check out Hayashi Natsumi's Blog!

Lots of thanks to my two beautiful models for the day, Jasmin and Devina! <3

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  1. I love this concept xD~
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