Friday, 1 March 2013

London's Levitating Girl (Part 2)


Around 2 years ago, I invited my friend Georgia out for a photoshoot inspired by Natsumi Hayashi, named 'London's Levitating Girl'. I think the photos are quite self explanatory~

I was so happy with Georgia's choice of clothing for the day, it was perfect for this theme!

I'm super glad Georgia got the 'floating' concept perfectly, I wanted that windswept dreamlike feel, and she grasped it really well!

Here are some of my haphazardly 'jumpy' ones... well I tried...

Check out Natsumi Hayashi's blog HERE
I hope to do a bit more levitations in the near future, when the whether gets a bit warmer here!



  1. This post made me somewhat nostalgic! ♫
    The pictures are great!!
    I LOVE the ones of you flying into the telephone box and pressing the doorbell! ❤

  2. Ohhh I know Georgia. The photos came out amazingly!! xxx

  3. You both are the best models~♥ I love love how you've edited all of these photos!

  4. woooooooo~ those pictures are so cool~!!! If it was me I'd have a picture of sweaty girls jumping with her hair messily flying in all directions o.o hahahahah... I'm so uncool (_ _")

    I love everything~! The phone box (OMG I've never seen that anymore since forever) and the ones when you guys were pressing the doorbells, that's just look soooooo magical~! I mean, like you're a fairy of some sort and delivering secret messages~ kyaaaah~ me and my crazy imagination o(>w<)o

    and I checked out Miss Hayashi's blog (thanks to you) and got even more awed~ woooooo~ cool levitation :O